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  • Air is a mixture of gases.It contains mainly nitrogen and oxygen.
  • The Troposphere is the atmospheric layer closest to the surface of the earth.It contains the largest percentage of the total mass of the atmosphere.
  • The stratosphere is the second major layer of air in the atmosphere.Ozone is formed in stratosphere.
  • This layer of calm and clear air is preferred for high speed jet flights because of the absence of air pockets.
  • Above stratosphere is Mesosphere, it extends from 50 to 80 km.
  • Above mesosphere lies the Ionosphere, which has electrically conducting layers that help in radio communication.
  • The Thermosphere is located above the mesosphere .
  • The atmospheric pressure is measured by an instrument called a Barometer.
  • SI unit of pressure is Pascal. since pascal is a very small unit of pressure, we normally express pressure in kilopascal (kPa)

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  • The study of viruses is called Virology.
  • The study of Bacteria is called Bacteriology.
  • Virus was discovered by Ivanowsky, a Russian botanist in 1892.
  • The study of Algae is called Phycology.
  • The study of Fungi is called Mycology.
  • Pathology is a science which deals with diseases of plants,animals and human being caused by Viruses,bacteria and fungi. 

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  • Global Hunger Index 2010; India dropped two ranks to 67th among 84 developing countries in the International Food policy research institute annual Global hunger index for 2010
  • Even sudan, Northkorea and pakistan rank higher than India
  • Global Gender Gap Report; India has been ranked on poor front in the list report puts India at 112 rank  out of 134 nations
  • Nobel Prize 2010; Nobel prize in chemistry 2010, Ei-ichi Negishi,Akira suzuki from Japan and Richard F.Heck from USA. Their work on palladium-catalyzed cross coupling in organic synthesis
  • Medicine; Robert G.Edwards was awarded the 2010 Nobel prize for the development of human in vitro fertilization (IVF) therapy
  • Physics; Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov  for their groundbreaking work on experiments with graphene- a new form of carbon


  • Mercury is very close to the sun
  • Venus is better known as the Evening or the Morning star.It is also called the earth's twin because of its similar size, density and mass
  • Venus has no moon
  • Earth is the third planet in terms of distance from the sun
  • Mars is also called Red planet 


  • On a clear night you can see about 3000 stars with naked eye
  • The sun is a star, it is nearer to the earth
  • The star nearest to the earth after the sun is Alpha centuari, which is at a distance of about 4.3 light year
  • The earth rotates from west to east
  • Mercury has no atmosphere